Adventures through South America...

January 8, 2010



It´s been ages since I last posted, so here goes. I´ve been on the beach in Taganga on the Caribbean coast for the last two weeks. It´s pretty amazing.

For Christmas we went out for dinner in Santa Marta (this is where we were originally staying), but it was so long ago now that I can´t remember what we had. On Christmas Day night, we took the 5 min trip to Taganaga to go to a pool party. It didn´t end up being a pool party, but we managed to find somewhere to hang out til the sun came up.

On the 27th we decided to get closer to the beach and we moved to Taganga, which is where we have been since. New Years was a lot of fun and lasted possibly longer then it should have!

Since New Years, I´ve just been taking it easy and going to the beach. The sun is so hot here, that I can´t even manage a full day, but it does provide me extra napping time while my friends are off on their diving course.

There really isn´t much else to report. We are going to go and spend a few nights in the national park that is nearby and then I´m going to move on to see more of Columbia.

That´s all for now.