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March 21, 2009

Day Twenty-One: Kit Kat White

Time for another variation of an already amazing chocolate bar....

Kit Kat White
Crisp Wafers 'n Creme

Since the fail of the Kit Kat Dark, I thought I'd give the White bar a chance. This was actually better than the Dark bar, because (if you read it) you will remember that the Dark was too bitter to accompany the sweet wafer inside.

Well the white chocolate definitely wasn't too bitter! It was deliciously sweet and rich. The white chocolate paired well with the sweet wafer inside, however, I still prefer the plain old milk chocolate Kit Kat.

This bar is just proof that you shouldn't mess with an already amazing thing.

Boring post, but it's Saturday so I'm sure no one is reading anyway!

Milk Factor: 2
Smiles: 2
Calories it was worth: 180 out of 220

March 20, 2009

Day Twenty: Clark

I am really anticipating the end of March.
Chocolatey Coated Peanut Butter Crunch

Did you know:
  • The phrase "Clark Bar" has recently become a semi-widespread expression of dismay in the English language. The phrase is usually said after something bad has happened. It is one of few words or phrases in English commonly pronounced with a glottal stop. HUH?!
I am not sure if it's just because it is Friday, and I have been on holidays all week, but does this above statement make sense to anyone? As in, 'Oh, Clark Bar'? If anyone can clear this up for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, the Clark bar is brought to you by the same people who brought you those amazing NECCO wafers. So good.

This tastes almost exactly like a Crispy Crunch (again.) It's amazing how similar most chocolate bars are, playing off common taste features (i.e. nougat, crunchy toffee)

Although a lot thicker than a Crispy Crunch, the inside of this bar has the similar toffee/peanut butter inside. Upon chewing the inside of the Clark becomes sticky (almost like toffee) and doesn't taste all that much like peanut butter.

I only ate 1/3 of this one for two reasons:
1. I'm getting sick of chocolate
2. It wasn't all that different from a Crispy Crunch and my interest waned.

This being said, the Clark is tasty, however it was just too common. (I think I'm becoming a chocolate bar snob!)


Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 0
Calories it was worth: 150 out of 220

March 19, 2009

Day Nineteen: Double Decker

What a week! So I've been traipsing around town with my mom and sister all week, and having a great time. I think I bought every shoe in Toronto (not really, but I added three to my collection :))

Anyway, I know I haven't updated in a few days...but I've been busy.Double Decker
Milk chocolate with smooth, chewy nougatine and crisp, crunchy cereal filling

Did you know:
  • First introduced in 1976 its name derives from the double-decker bus
  • There also exists a 'Double Decker - Nuts', which has the advertising slogan "crispy, crunchy, chewy and nutty". This chocolate bar is essentially a Double Decker with nuts contained within the nougat layer.
  • Double Decker bars originally had raisins embedded within the base layer but they were removed in 1986 in response to market research.
This was a mouthful! (both the description and the bar itself!) Back to the nougat, which I am still not sure how I feel about it. It just seems weird, this creamy substance that doesn't really taste like chocolate, but more like sugar. This chocolate bar was like a CRUNCH bar inserted into a Mars bar!!! No wonder they call it Double Decker.

I very much enjoyed this. As mentioned before, the nougat wasn't my favourite part, but it brings an additional consistency to the bar, which makes it more interesting. I think that they should throw a little caramel in to make it even better! I enjoyed how this one was chewy and crunchy at the same time!

I think that Cadbury made a good call on removing the raisins in this one!! This bar originates out of the UK, which explains why I had never heard of/seen it before. My favourite part of this bar was the bottom layer which is chocolatey as well as crunchy!

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 240 out of 265

Note: So there are questions about my rating system. Milk factor is referring to the number of glasses of milk that are required or that would accompany this chocolate bar (otherwise referring to it's richness) and the smiles are the number of times it makes me smile (neither of these are on a scale. It's just however I feel after/while eating it!) The calories section just refers to how worthy I feel the bar was to waste said amount of calories.

My blog = my rating system :) and YES it's funny.

March 16, 2009

Day Fourteen: Wunderbar

Bar number two today:

A peanut butter caramel experience!

Did you know:
  • Not really a Wunderbar at all, this product is sold only in Canada and Germany under the name 'Wunderbar' - makes sense...
  • Otherwise known as Starbar?
Really? What a horrible name!

Wow, this was full of peanut butter and caramel. The two tastes melded so well together that it almost tasted as if it was peanut butter-flavoured caramel. There was just enough of rice cereal crunch in it to take away from the overpowering peanut butter and caramel. This was a very rich, but tasty bar and you really couldn't taste the chocolate coating in comparison to all of the other flavours!

I wouldn't recommend this if you do not like peanut butter. I have heard tons about the Wunderbar (obviously only from Canadians) and had no idea that it didn't quite exist in other parts of the world aside from Germany. I find it really interesting how chocolate bars go by different names in different markets. So what I once thought was a really popular chocolate bar, I am comforted to know that this one will stay close to home :)

Milk Factor: 3
Smiles: 2
Calories it was worth: 260 out of 310

Day Thirteen: Drifter

Ok so it's been a couple of days, but I will catch up. I promise! I found a great candy store on Yonge Street with a wide selection of chocolate bars that I have never tried (or even heard of before...) so here it goes:
Crispy wafer dipped in chewy caramel and covered in chocolate

This one's from the UK :). I was intrigued by the fact that I had never heard of it before!

Did you know:
  • It has been referred to as "the chewy chocolate bar that you really have to get your teeth into."
  • As of 2008, the bar is increasingly hard to find in most parts of the United Kingdom, due to 'a fault in the manufacturing process' according to Nestle.
  • It is said that Nestle are redesigning the Drifter due to its high content of 'transfats'.
  • It is also supported by the slogans: 'Too much chew for one bar ' and 'Chewier than the average chocolate bar'.
  • This bar takes, on average, one hour to make a Drifter bar from start to finish
Well I feel special, that I was able to get a chocolate bar in Canada that is hard to find in the UK!

Upon first bite, my first thoughts were 'yummy caramel'. This chocolate bar is great! It has tons of sweet caramel that engulfs crunchy wafer all while being complimented by milky chocolate. The chocolate on the outside melted a little in my hands, but that just means you need to eat it faster! It certainly was chewy due to the great caramel and was very enjoyable.

This was definitely one of my favourites so far! Check out this commercial from 1992.

Milk Factor: 2
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 230 out of 264