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March 16, 2009

Day Thirteen: Drifter

Ok so it's been a couple of days, but I will catch up. I promise! I found a great candy store on Yonge Street with a wide selection of chocolate bars that I have never tried (or even heard of before...) so here it goes:
Crispy wafer dipped in chewy caramel and covered in chocolate

This one's from the UK :). I was intrigued by the fact that I had never heard of it before!

Did you know:
  • It has been referred to as "the chewy chocolate bar that you really have to get your teeth into."
  • As of 2008, the bar is increasingly hard to find in most parts of the United Kingdom, due to 'a fault in the manufacturing process' according to Nestle.
  • It is said that Nestle are redesigning the Drifter due to its high content of 'transfats'.
  • It is also supported by the slogans: 'Too much chew for one bar ' and 'Chewier than the average chocolate bar'.
  • This bar takes, on average, one hour to make a Drifter bar from start to finish
Well I feel special, that I was able to get a chocolate bar in Canada that is hard to find in the UK!

Upon first bite, my first thoughts were 'yummy caramel'. This chocolate bar is great! It has tons of sweet caramel that engulfs crunchy wafer all while being complimented by milky chocolate. The chocolate on the outside melted a little in my hands, but that just means you need to eat it faster! It certainly was chewy due to the great caramel and was very enjoyable.

This was definitely one of my favourites so far! Check out this commercial from 1992.

Milk Factor: 2
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 230 out of 264

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