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March 27, 2009

Day Twenty Six: Kit Kat Senses

Spent the day yesterday doped out on Penicillin (strep throat) and lacking internet access (Thanks Bell!)

After watching all of the commercials for this, I decided it was time to try it out!

Kit Kat Senses
Real milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling

Take a look at the Kit Kat Senses ad, which is different from the ones that I have seen on tv here I think. The ad focuses on how the Kit Kat senses 'experience' should not be interrupted...I should pay attention more. I ate half mine last night and half this morning. oops!

In any event, this bar was pretty decent. I think from watching the commercials I expected the hazelnut filling to be creamy like the Kinder Bueno bar. It was more solid than anything, but was still mighty tasty! I really enjoyed this one, and think that Kit Kat has done some good here by expanding their line. This chocolate bar is definitely geared towards those who want to enjoy something different, not simply a change from their regular Kit Kat (see Kit Kat White and Dark). I found this version of the Kit Kat to be somewhat superior then the rest. It was smaller too (read: less calories! yay!)

Anyway, this one gets two thumbs up! It was the perfect amount of hazlenut filling to complement the wafer inside and I felt they were spot on with the consistency! I'd pick this over the Kinder Bueno...only because the hazelnut filling was more solid than liquid...

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 165 out of 165 (yes. perfect!) *sigh*

Note: As the month is nearing an end, I am trying to find something similar to do for April, only not involving 5 million additional if you have any suggestions please share! However, I may spend the month of April researching the correlation between eating massive amounts of chocolate in a month and coming down with Strep Throat (not once, but TWICE)! :)

March 25, 2009

Day Twenty Five: Fruit & Nut

Remember when you used to watch your grandparents and parents eat all that gross candy and chocolate and could never understand why?
Fruit & Nut
Milk chocolate with raisins and almonds

Did you know:
At my last job, I stumbled upon someone under the age of 40 who actually enjoyed this!!! Imagine that? Well obviously being being as skeptical as I am, I did not even hesitate to express my feelings toward dried fruit, nuts and chocolate all co-existing!!! This only resulted in me being forced to eat one...I was amazed to find out that it wasn't all that bad.

Mind you, I have not eaten one since. I thought I'd give it a go again. It wasn't horrible. Once you get past the idea of raisins coexisting with yummy chocolate (outside of Glosette Raisins, cause those are AWESOME) this actually is quite managable. The 'fruit' (just raisins) and 'nut' (just almonds) actually give this otherwise solid milk chocolate bar some texture. It's just a matter of being able to handle the little surprises!

The chocolate is, as usual, delicious (thanks Cadbury)!

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 2
Calories it was worth: 170 out of 220

(I'm officially caught up now - that is if no one noticed that i was missing 15-18 - I was sick!!! And only 6 days to go!)

Day Twenty Four: Mint Aero

Alright Becky, here you go:

Mint Aero

Did you know:
  • Aero bars are manufactured in nut-free services. They are made by filling the chocolate with loads of air bubbles then smoothing it with chocolate covering.
Check out this is all about the bubbles. Although I cannot confirm that this site is done by Nestle themselves, or just a really big fan but you can check out all their ads, and even join their Facebook group!

Initially, this looked disgusting to me. Although it did maintain the same 'bubble' effect as the regular Aero, the colour on the inside was offsetting! It's neon Green! ha ha

As far as taste goes, the Mint Aero was alright, but I would but prefer an After Eight, or a Pep. This just tasted far too artificial and the colour of the inside made it incredibly obvious that it had been coloured. It would be interesting to know why Nestle didn't just flavour their regular Aero bar with mint instead of colouring the whole thing!

Overall, I think I'll save my money up and buy some After Eights at Christmas.

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 1
Calories it was worth: 180 out of 240

March 24, 2009

Day Twenty Three: Mr. Big

I actually picked out today's chocolate bar, not knowing whether or not I had already eaten it. Not a good sign I don't think. Anyway, good news is: I haven't! :)

Mr. Big

This is mighty amazing. My first bite got my tastebuds wondering what was in this bar as it didn't have a description on the packaging!! But it was very yummy!! I sense caramel, chocolate (obviously), crispy rice cereal (awesome) and some sort of sweet vanilla wafer in the middle.

Then i looked it up on Wikipedia and it appears there are peanuts in it too! I could pick out the faint taste of peanut butter, but couldn't actually decipher that there were peanuts in it! To my amazement, there are peanuts on the outside of the bar, just before they coated the whole thing in chocolate!

Did you know:
  • In Canada, they are very common, and are available at all regular retailers, in an increasing number of varieties.
  • Some of the new varieties available include Mr. Chew Big (with added caramel), Mr. Big Fudge (with a fudgy centre), and Mr. Big with Maple.
  • Mr. Big is the only Cadbury chocolate bar to have an ice cream variant made by Nestle.
The awesomeness of this chocolate bar was kind of counteracted by the richness of it! It was a lot to take. I suggest they come up with a mini version for wimps like me! :)

Anyway, I think that this has to be one of the top ten bars I have tried!

Milk Factor: 2
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 270 out of 300 (holy cow!)

March 23, 2009

Day Twenty Two: Aero Caramel

Hey folks,

Well day twenty-two here. I must say that I am pretty eager for March to end, and to never HAVE to eat a chocolate bar again! It gets quite exhausting. Especially when I think about all of the (unnecessary) calories that I am consuming! Anyway, Bex I couldn't find a Mint at the grocery store, so here's today's pick:Aero Caramel
Have you felt the bubbles melt?

This was different from your regular Aero bar. It was a lot narrower, and thicker. I was confused as to how it was going to be caramel-y...whether it would just 'taste' like caramel or actually have caramel inside (I think the mint, but cannot confirm this, tastes like mint)

Upon first bite I was surprised to find that the bar contained actual Caramel. Not unlike the Caramilk bar! I'm happy to report that Aero did not lose the bubbly inside (this was under the caramel). The bubbles didn't melt quite the same as they do in the regular Aero bar, as there was caramel in the way.

This bar was rich, and very sweet, therefore difficult to enjoy the whole thing! To be honest, I'd rather eat a Caramilk bar.

NEWSFLASH: I just took the last two bites of my chocolate bar, and ALAS there was no more caramel!!! It ended early! How does this happen?

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 1 and 1 frown (when the caramel disappeared)
Calories it was worth: 100 out of 200