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March 24, 2009

Day Twenty Three: Mr. Big

I actually picked out today's chocolate bar, not knowing whether or not I had already eaten it. Not a good sign I don't think. Anyway, good news is: I haven't! :)

Mr. Big

This is mighty amazing. My first bite got my tastebuds wondering what was in this bar as it didn't have a description on the packaging!! But it was very yummy!! I sense caramel, chocolate (obviously), crispy rice cereal (awesome) and some sort of sweet vanilla wafer in the middle.

Then i looked it up on Wikipedia and it appears there are peanuts in it too! I could pick out the faint taste of peanut butter, but couldn't actually decipher that there were peanuts in it! To my amazement, there are peanuts on the outside of the bar, just before they coated the whole thing in chocolate!

Did you know:
  • In Canada, they are very common, and are available at all regular retailers, in an increasing number of varieties.
  • Some of the new varieties available include Mr. Chew Big (with added caramel), Mr. Big Fudge (with a fudgy centre), and Mr. Big with Maple.
  • Mr. Big is the only Cadbury chocolate bar to have an ice cream variant made by Nestle.
The awesomeness of this chocolate bar was kind of counteracted by the richness of it! It was a lot to take. I suggest they come up with a mini version for wimps like me! :)

Anyway, I think that this has to be one of the top ten bars I have tried!

Milk Factor: 2
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 270 out of 300 (holy cow!)


Provoke said...

You've gotta find Mr.Chew Big. Please!!!

Bex said...

Mr. Big... mmmm althought I often compare Mr. Big to Oh Henry and prefer the latter...

still YUM