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March 27, 2009

Day Twenty Six: Kit Kat Senses

Spent the day yesterday doped out on Penicillin (strep throat) and lacking internet access (Thanks Bell!)

After watching all of the commercials for this, I decided it was time to try it out!

Kit Kat Senses
Real milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling

Take a look at the Kit Kat Senses ad, which is different from the ones that I have seen on tv here I think. The ad focuses on how the Kit Kat senses 'experience' should not be interrupted...I should pay attention more. I ate half mine last night and half this morning. oops!

In any event, this bar was pretty decent. I think from watching the commercials I expected the hazelnut filling to be creamy like the Kinder Bueno bar. It was more solid than anything, but was still mighty tasty! I really enjoyed this one, and think that Kit Kat has done some good here by expanding their line. This chocolate bar is definitely geared towards those who want to enjoy something different, not simply a change from their regular Kit Kat (see Kit Kat White and Dark). I found this version of the Kit Kat to be somewhat superior then the rest. It was smaller too (read: less calories! yay!)

Anyway, this one gets two thumbs up! It was the perfect amount of hazlenut filling to complement the wafer inside and I felt they were spot on with the consistency! I'd pick this over the Kinder Bueno...only because the hazelnut filling was more solid than liquid...

Milk Factor: 1
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 165 out of 165 (yes. perfect!) *sigh*

Note: As the month is nearing an end, I am trying to find something similar to do for April, only not involving 5 million additional if you have any suggestions please share! However, I may spend the month of April researching the correlation between eating massive amounts of chocolate in a month and coming down with Strep Throat (not once, but TWICE)! :)

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Provoke said...

i prefer kinder bueno but this is a pretty good substitute.

next month's challenge eh??? let me have a think....