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February 4, 2008


Well, i successfully watched my very first SuperBowl last night. I'm not a huge football fan so I must admit, the first three quarters of the game were not very exciting for me. I almost felt bad for the game, as it had some competition for my attention. (From none other than a wonderful array of gourmet food and beverages!!)

But when it got down to the last quarter, I managed to direct my attention to the screen. I was rooting for the underdog, the NY Giants, as they are my dad's favourite team, and I just don't like New England. So for those of you that watched the last quarter of the game - due to the extreme excitement I have a feeling that I am now a football fan!! It was a great game (I mean last quarter)!!

Now it's time to try and overcome my SuperBowl 'cold'...

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