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October 14, 2009

Bolivian Flu

Well, it´s finally happened. I was struck with the Bolivian flu (I named it that myself) in the middle of the night. You may be asking what this involves: a hell of a lot of papel higenico and many many trips to the bathroom. Loads of fun!!

I have spent the last two days sleeping and not eating, and I feel much much better now. I can now eat again and think I´m ready to get back out there with my cat!

Speaking of which, he had a hayday with my knees and legs the other day. It was a beach day and it was raining fairly consistently. The rain always makes the animals a little bit crazy. Gato started off the morning grumbling more so than more (i think the wet weather bothers his legs) and we walked around the beach (no shelter from the jungle). It was really wet and cold, and about mid day (after already mistaking my skin for stretchy leggings that he likes to chew on) he got a little frisky and wanted to play. I had puma all over me. No worries though, he just wanted to play, and therefore did not bite hard. Being the easily bruised person that I am though, I do have a pretty great picture of my bites, so I will try to post on Facebook soon (I can´t seem to get any photos up here).

Anyway, only 12 more days left here, then I am going to head further south for some more great adventures. Most of the people I met when I started at the volunteer place here have already or are leaving soon, which means I must make new friends...ugh! haha

I think I may have forgotten to talk about Jane Goodall. She has come and left already, but her visit was pretty cool. Everyone at this place tried really hard to impress her, but she seemed rather complacent. Something I´m sure happens after travelling 300 days a year at the age of 75. She got to see Gato, which she thought was rather cool, and I felt really proud walking him around the beach with Jane Goodall watching...pretty cool. Oh ya, she´s vegetarian and makes some pretty crazy monkey noises!

That´s about it for now, just thought I´d write a quick update about my new bite and my ´Bolivian flu´.

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Dave said...

Bolivian flu?? papel higenico?? sounds gross....Are you heading south to Chile or doing more Bolivian adventures?