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October 27, 2009

Ciao Gato!!

Well, the time has come. I am leaving on Thursday. After more than 30 days of blisters, rashes, puma bites, an ill tummy, more blisters, sweat rash, unidentifiable bites, etc I think it´s time.

I´m really sad to leave Gato. We have spent some time bonding for sure (bound to happen when you are alone in the jungle for 8 hours every day). I just wish I took more pictures.

It has been a great month! I have learned lots, met loads of great people who are donating their time to help out animals in need, met Jane Goodall, eaten lots of gross salty cheese and slept at least 9 hours a night....every night! (and that´s if I go to bed late!)

The last few days have brought lots and lots and lots and lots of rain...which means that the trails in the jungle are getting pretty sloshy. I don´t even think my clothes are washable anymore. Great timing to leave on my part!

It was just announced to us that we have raised enough money in order to buy the land at another park, so that they will own all of it. (here, the park doesn´t own the land, the government does, so a lot of the cats are losing their trails to the Bolivians reclaiming their land) It´s exciting news, given the poverty levels in Bolivia and the difficulty to find support from anyway. If you have a minute, check out the website, and if you have a dollar, donate. It goes a long way here.

Anyway, although I am really excited to move on with my journey, I am extremely sad to leave Gato. I learned a lot from spending my days with him and know I will never stop wondering how he is doing as I gaze down at the scars from his teeth in my leg...*sigh*

Ciao for now...


Dave said...

Just a reminder that what you have done over the past month is an amazing thing and there isn't enough of you in the world. I'm very proud of you!!!

Jill said...

oh erin...i can't believe this is you i'm reading about. you better have lots of photos of this damn puma! stay safe! xxoo