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November 3, 2009

Moving on...


Still no photos. :(

I left Inti Wara Yassi on Thursday with some people I met there and we headed to Cochabamba (again...). We stayed for a couple of nights taking in some horrible, horrible movies at the Cine (not much choice when you want them in English) and visited one of the girls in the hospital that was bit by a monkey at the park. Long story, but it was bad (she was bit by one of the monkeys that has been isolated and he bit a couple of tendons, arteries and nerves). Don´t worry! She is going to be ok! They stitched everything back together and she is on her way home to do some physiotherapy. So glad I spent my month working with a Puma!!

We hauled it to the bus station on Saturday eve to get a bus to Sucre...only, every bus was sold out!! Apparently Halloween is a big travelling day for the Bolivians. So we checked into a cheap hostel, which turned out to be nice and kicked it for another day in Cochabamba...involving a hunt for many many saltenas (patries with loads of meat and veggies and an awesome sauce in them)

The next night, we managed to get on a bus to Sucre (10 hours, overnight) which wasn´t the nicest Bolivian bus I´ve seen, but we made it safe and sound. Sucre is a really pretty town. Not much here other then markets, churches and pretty white buildings. The weather is amazing. I still cannot believe that it´s November 3 and it´s about 30 degrees outside! See ya later winter!! ha ha I can´t wait until it snows in Canada. After not being able to find any saltenas in Cochabamba, they are everywhere here, so we are quite satisfied. We went to the market today for some fruit salad with yogurt and cream and loads of goodies on it...for only 80 cents...amazing!!

We are headed to Potosi tomorrow. Have not yet decided whether or not I´m going to navigate the mines with everyone else, or if I´m just going to lay in bed due to the high altitude! I think it´s almost 5000 metres above sea level! YIKES!

Ciao - and soon you will see pictures!

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