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December 7, 2009

Back in BA

Well, I arrived back in Buenos Aires on Friday. Just in time for a crazy action packed weekend!

Friday night, I met up with two friends from Ireland, who were staying at the beach house in Uruguay too, for a few pints and the longest happy hour ever. Didn't quite make it past midnight, as I was really tired from my long days travel.

Saturday, it was raining, but I decided to trek it to Recoletta and check out the cemetery. It was pretty cool, but not being a fan of being in cemeteries, I checked out Evita's grave and left. On my walk back home, I found a great little market and had a belt custom made for me!

Saturday night, we went to see the Boca Juniors football game. It was pretty intense. The fans are so passionate, it was a dry event, and Boca lost, so we were stuck inside the stadium until the opposing team fans left so there wouldn't be riots. Great game though.

Saturday night, I met a few people at the hostel and we made our way to one of the most famous nightclubs in town, Pacha. Didn't get home til the sun had come up. Quite an experience. The club was huge, and there must have been at least 8000 people there.

Yesterday, I managed to get a ticket to go see ACDC, which was unbelievable! Also, another dry event. I'm not understanding this concept yet. We were pretty amazing that ACDC would preform a dry event. Anyway, it was pretty awesome and I'm glad I finally got to see them.

Going to do some more touristy things in the next couple of days, including steak dinner and the drum show again...saw it last time I was here and it was pretty good. Then I'm off to Iguazu on Tuesday night...


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skichik79 said...

wow I envy you right now im so jealous i want to travel soon again !