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April 1, 2009

Hockey Hall of Fame

So today is April Fool's Day. And the biggest piece of news that has got my attention (meaning I can't stop thinking about it) is this one: Women to Be Admitted to Hockey Hall of Fame.

Yes. I am well aware that perhaps I should focus a little more effort on important international news such as the G20 Summit in London right now, and all the riots that could have possibly ensued as a result.

Well, to be honest this Hockey Hall of Fame story surprised me more (strange that a mind like mine isn't jolted by the news of more potential violence in the news)! After having just visited the Hockey Hall of Fame with my mom and my little sister a couple of weeks ago, I came out liking what I saw. That is probably because they have a huge display on the Canadiens this year seeing as it is their 100th year. Besides the point. Not once did I see anything relating to females in this established Toronto's tourist attraction.

Now I am not sure what bothers me more, the fact that there were no women being recognized in the Hall of Fame, or the fact that I DID NOT even notice that there were no women! It saddens me a little.

But upon reading today's article in The Star, I was saddened even more. See the following points of the article:
  • There have always been those who believed that comparing the stars of men's professional hockey to the greatest players in the women's game was too difficult, too unwieldy and simply pointless.
  • So after dithering for a long time, probably too long, the Hockey Hall of Fame settled on a compromise.
  • Starting next year, they'll still enshrine four men every year, but they'll also enshrine up to two women.
It's a 'museum', is the point not to showcase those who have had great achievements in the sport of hockey, instead of COMPARING to each other? I agree, it is near impossible to compare the accomplishments of a man and a women playing the same sport (sorry feminists, but it's a hard fact we face) due to the lack of opportunities women have, but the underlying concern is WHY do we need to be compared? In my opinion the point of the museum is to showcase great achievements by great athletes. It shouldn't matter that one is male and one is female.

So now the Hockey Hall of Fame has come up with a 'compromise'. Yes that's right 'compromise'. They will induct 4 men and UP TO 2 women each year starting in 2010. Well good for us. I can actually understand the 4 to 2 ratio, considering there is far less recognition for women's hockey leagues then there are men's hockey leagues in the world.

I think perhaps the PR around this has been spun in the wrong direction. Instead of saying they will compromise (as if it was something that they didn't want to do), they should have been marketing this as the next step in professional sports instead of something they are doing in order to avoid all those angry bra burning femmes. Hopefully the new additions (without Y chromosomes) will help to create a little more awareness of women's professional sports and will help to gain the recognition we so rightly deserve.

It is nice to see the Hockey Hall of Fame making efforts after over 100 years of hockey in this country. Imagine if it took us this long to be able to vote!


Provoke said...

You tell them sista!! really interesting review. I completely agree we should be focusing on the women's achievements without comparing them to their male counterparts.

On a side note - What did you think of ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ It’s one of Anchor Bay’s will be working on this shortly – dying to see it!

Erin said...

Yay - someone is still reading! haha
It was a good movie! Sad at times, but had really funny parts as well! I would definitely watch it again. It had such a touching story line!