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March 12, 2009

Day Twelve: Eat More

I strolled into the convenience store this afternoon, to pick out my daily poison, and my 'friend' (the convenience store owner) was amazed that I had still stuck to it. Then he informed me that he would be sending me an invoice at the end of the month for his services...great!

Today's pick:
Eat More
Original Dark Toffee Peanut Chew

Following comment is for the strong stomached only:

I know I haven't commented on the appearance of the chocolate bars, but this one I almost am required to. It resembles something that is expelled from your body after a long night of drinking and eating peanuts at the bar (not leaving enough time to be fully digested...).It's gross!

Now, I was raised to not judge a book by it's cover, so alas, I ate it.

Chew is right! This has the consistency of one of those fake chocolate protein bars. YUM! I think that this is so loaded with peanuts that there wasn't much room left for anything else BUT toffee. Although this didn't taste horrible, it tasted like it was a 'healthy' option to a chocolate bar. Don't be fooled though, this still has a whopping 15 g of fat and 280 calories (geez I should get to the gym one of these days!) The overall taste of this bar wasn't bad at all provided you enjoy eating peanuts and the taste of chewy toffee...

This is what the Hershey's website had to say about the Eat More: "It is definitely unique but are you unique enough to eat it?" I vote YES

Milk Factor: 0
Smiles: 1
Calories it was worth: 230 out of 280

Bonus: This is packed with protein from the peanuts and therefore is very satisfying, and also doesn't have a chocolate coating that could possibly melt in hot temps.

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Provoke said...

For some reason I really like the point where I'd have one almost everyday in high school. Haven't had one in ages tho. Am I weird?