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March 4, 2009

Day Four: Sweet Marie

Ah chocolate!

I sauntered over to the local convenience store by my work (where I frequent, and actually I have to credit my friend, the owner, for the idea of trying a new chocolate bar each day) and was greeting as "Ms. Chocolate" from my new friend. I cannot tell you how awesome this was (or not). But anyway, after much deliberation at the candy counter and after having listened to my friend tell me that "it's ok if you want to get the same thing you always do because some people just don't like change." HA HA HA. It's not like i ate only chicken fingers in restaurants until I was 16!!

Well, bring on the change big guy:

Sweet Marie
"With lots of fresh roasted peanuts"

Did you know:

  • There was no Wikipedia entry for this chocolate bar!! I figured out that it's because this baby is Canadian!
  • The Sweet Marie was named for a London, Ontario woman who was the subject of a poem by her boyfriend. Cy Warman penned the poem to Marie after walking her home one night in 1893. The poem was later turned into a hit song and the chocolate bar followed soon after. Thanks Trivia Guys!
Lots of peanuts indeed. While I cannot guarantee that they are 'fresh', they do taste roasted and they aren't stale. On the inside of this bar there is a ribbon of what seems to be chewy caramel ? (it's chewy nougat actually) and it holds the bar together amazingly.

The ratio of peanuts to chocolate in the Sweet Marie definitely allow you to eat more than it is not too rich, and the nougat is a nice compliment. It does kind of remind me of an Oh Henry! bar, but with way more nuts.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves the salty vs sweet combo.

Rating: Milk Factor: 0!
Smile Factor: 2
Calories it was worth: 260 out of 320 (I would say about 200 of the calories were from the peanuts)
Bonus: It's Canadian!

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