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March 7, 2009

Day Seven: Coffee Crisp Chocolately Crunch

Happy Saturday!

I was going to take today off from this chocolate blog, cause I'm beginning to feel unhealthy...but I think it's all in my head. AND I went to the gym, so perhaps I need a little reward ;)

I am trying to try new chocolate bars instead of eating some of my favourites. (I don't want to be biased!) So here it is:Coffee Crisp Chocolatey Crunch
makes a nice light snack

Did you know:
  • This bar is available only in Canada, therefore there is no Wikipedia listing for this chocolate...boring!

Light indeed! Don't let it's claim fool you though, this bar is anything but healthy! It is however, very light tasting. This was definitely more chocolatey and less coffee-y than your standard Coffee Crisp (which actually works out better for me cause I don't like coffee). I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package that there was a layer of those awesome little crispy rice pieces that can also be found in the CRUNCH bar. The crispy rice added an extra oomph to this chocolate bar!

They have reduced the amount of wafer and replaced it with - yes that's right, more chocolate, and changed the shape of the bar. This one was more flattened and wider - making it more manageable to eat.

Unable to find much on this new bar, I located one of the original commercials for Coffee Crisp. Classic!

How do I like my coffee?

Milk Factor:0
Smiles: 3
Calories it was worth: 220 out of 260

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skichik79 said...

your the one eating them and I feel like chocolate overload ... your only at day 7 how are you going otm ake it to day 30 ? you should have done like supersize me and gone to get your vitals before the journey !