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March 3, 2009

Day Three: Kinder Bueno

Well it's Day Three.

It's also dentist appointment day for Erin - probably a good thing to occur at the beginning of my 30 day chocolate bar challenge.

Today's selection (Jess, I couldn't find the white I'll have to keep looking):

Kinder Bueno
Milk Chocolate Covered Wafers with Smooth Milky Hazelnut Filling

Did you know:

  • Kinder is German for "children". Bueno is Spanish for "good".
  • In 2007, Kinder Bueno was relaunched aimed at an adolescent market with a new series of adverts "a little bit of what you fancy" aired in the UK and Ireland.
  • FYI JESS - Kinder Bueno White is not available in Canada or the US...I will be waiting expectantly for mine in the post :)

*sigh* This chocolate bar is amazing. I've actually never had one before, as I'm not a fan of hazelnuts in my chocolate! But as soon as I took my first bite, I had a flashback to the Nutella sandwiches I was allowed to bring to school everyday. As far as I'm concerned, those people at Ferrero are heros - convincing thousands of moms that it was a great idea (and healthy) to allow their children to take chocolate sandwiches to school!

The Bueno was great - it was chocolately on the outside (not melted), ad a crunchy inner layer, AND a creamy filling, that was not too overpowered with the taste of hazelnuts.

I must comment on the packaging. On the outside there are clear directions as to where to tear the package open, there is a glass of milk (which the chocolate bar didn't come with, but I think should), an attractive image of the bar half eaten so you can see the inside, and then there is a lonely hazelnut, half out of his shell nesting quietly on a great leaf with waterdrops. It's all very peaceful. Once I got to the inside each bar (there were two in mine) was individually wrapped, as if I was going to save one for later, and each of those wrappers had distinct pull tabs that opened the package with ease (like they have on gum packaging these days). However, as I sit here and contemplate the remains I notice that I did not follow a single instruction they gave me on how to open it. (don't worry it still tasted awesome!)

Overall, I give this two dentists' thumbs up! I'm off to floss and brush...

Milk Factor: 1 (I didn't really need one, but they had one on the packaging!)
Smile Factor: 4
Calories it was worth: 220 out of 240

Bonus: each stick came individually wrapped! Awesome. Of course I still ate both.

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Provoke said...

They are pretty yummy! One (or two) Bueno Whites coming your way. I LOVE (as in still do) Nutella and the TV ads were hilarious. Check out this great one from 1996: