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March 5, 2009


Ok, I must interrupt my chocolate blogging for a minute.
Last weekend, a friend and I went to check out what all this buzz around Winterlicious was about. I have lived in the city for three and a half years now, and have not once experienced the prix fixe (this is a very common thing in France btw).

Anyway, I picked out this Italian restaurant on College street called Coco Lezzone - supposed to be higher end, really nice place, and it had a great menu. We had beet salad with Goat's cheese to start, tilapia with veggies and rice for our main, and then an awesome lemon tarte for dessert. The food was absolutely amazing!!! And our waiter was quite hospitable (and attractive, which never hurts for tips).

So at the end of the meal, my friend was enjoying her espresso, and I the last of my wine, when I noticed upon setting my freshly emptied glass down, the 'manager' swoop in and clear it immediately. Well, I did think this odd, but didn't really put too much thought into it, until he cleared my friends espresso before she was finished with it. So we paid our bill and I was waiting for my friend to come back from the washroom when cute waiter approached me and said....ready????

He said "I'm sorry, I know this is really rude, but would it be possible for you to wait at the bar for your friend? We need the table". "HUH?!?!" Did we not just pay $100 for a meal? I realize it WAS off the Winterlicious menu, but we ordered wine, espresso, bottled water (which was $8!!) and you can't wait 2 min for my friend to get back from the washroom? Oh, and the restaurant wasn't even full) Sure if I was just there for the cheap menu and ordered tap water and no wine or coffee, then kick me out.

I thought the whole point of Winterlicious was to get new customers to come try out your restaurant. If that is not the point for the restaurant then why participate? I think it is absolutely attrocious to invite people into your restaurant for a meal, and then usher them out when you feel like they should be done. I will not be returning to this restaurant, EVER, aside from the amazing food and our friendly waiter...give me a break!

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