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March 2, 2009

Day Two: 5th Avenue

Oh boy,

Well out of sheer hatred for the cold (and not wanting to lose my fingers to frostbite for a chocolate bar), this is what I had in my bag today...
5th Avenue
Crunchy Peanut Butter in a Rich, Chocolatey Coating

Did you know:
  • This chocolate bar was introduced in 1936 by the same man who founded Luden's cough drops (weird)
  • This chocolate bar previously sported two thick chocolate-coated almond halves on top. This was discontinued some time in the mid-1990s.
  • The candy bar is named for a street in Reading, Pennsylvannia, where Luden's throat drops were first created.
I would be more apt to have the following slogan:
"a rip off of Crispy Crunch coated in melted chocolate"

Now, fair enough, chocolate melts. But for those of you who aren't in the same postal code as myself right now, it's about 30 below zero, and therefore, no chocolate should be melting.

As for the taste, it was essentially a Crispy Crunch bar (which I suppose makes Crispy Crunch the fraud as the 5th Avenue has been around for decades).

The bar itself was quite tasty once I got around all the melted chocolate everywhere. It definitely was a mess! The chocolate was definitely RICH and chocolately (if that's a word) as it claimed and the inside was crunchy, but not quite the peanut butter taste I expected.

Overall, I am glad Luden reverted back to creating candy bars and not cough drops, and especially glad he didn't try to combine the two. I'd say, bring back the almond halves on top!

Milk factor: 2
Smile factor: 1 (possibly two if I had licked the melted chocolate off the wrapper)
Calories it was worth: 220 out of 280

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Provoke said...

I’m intrigued by this one. I bet the almond top would have been amazing – I second your notion to bring it back. So…is this one the winner so far?