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March 1, 2009

Day One: 100 Grand

Well, here goes.

It's Day One of my chocolate bar challenge. I spent a good 15 minutes looking around the Acme Candy Store in my neighbourhood for the perfect victim to start the month off. After much deliberation, I selected........

100 Grand
Chewy Caramel $ Milk Chocolate $ Crispy Crunchies

Being an American chocolate bar, I have never actually tried one of these yet!

Did you know.....
  • The candy bar has been the instrument of radio pranks, where the host will specifically say "100 Grand" will be given away, and gift the winner with the candy bar instead of $100,000. The radio hosts Opie & Anthony did this once while they were on WAAF-FM. Seriously, you can listen to the radio spot here. Haha SUCKER!
  • This 'candy bar' as our counterparts refer to it has been cameo'd on The Office, Seinfeld and the Colbert Report.
The bar itself came in two portions, which I find entertaining because of course I'm going to eat both of them anyway!! Upon my first bite my taste buds were both shocked and pleasantly surprised. I would say that the outside crispy chocolate coating reminds me of a CRUNCH bar, while the inside was more like fudge then caramel. Overall, I enjoyed the outside coating, but the fudge 'caramel' on the inside was a little to rich for my blood....hey, maybe that's why they call it 100 Grand.

Milk factor: 2
Smile factor: 1
Calories it was worth: 80 out of 190

Bonus: There was a contest on the wrapper to win a suite for 10 ppl for an MLS game...although I didn't win, I enjoyed the otherwise plain wrapper.

This sugar high should get me through my late night soccer game tonight :)


bex said...

uh can you please explain your rating system??? Smile factor: 1 - what's that out of?

Erin said...

How ever many times consuming the chocolate bar makes me smile... :)